The sponge & dough method has been used to create delicious sourdough bread since the early 1900s. It is the most traditional method of producing bread and buns in North America and the UK. This traditional process leaves up to 60% of the dough fermenting for four hours, which allows beautiful aromatic compounds to arise. Therefore, creating bread with your desired texture, crumb structure, freshness and pleasant fruity and yeasty flavors. Tradition has its advantages; however, this process is time-consuming and labor-intensive along with requiring a lot of space.

Puratos is proud to announce Sapore RTU Sponge, which produces the same results without the constraints of the traditional method.

Customers transitioning to this solution will be able to save labor cost, gain production space without a capital investment and improve the final product consistency.

Sapore RTU Sponge is a highly concentrated liquid sponge which can replace your sponge and dough method or poolish process without changing the taste and texture of your breads and buns. Along with giving a similar flavor, Sapore RTU Sponge will also increase dough extensibility, machinability, improve crumb structure and enhance freshness and shelf life. With a variable usage level, this product enables our customers to tailor the solution to meet their needs in terms of flavor, extensibility, freshness and crumb structure.

Not only can Sapore RTU Sponge be used to replace the current sponge or poolish in a bakery but also can be added on top of any recipe to provide the same characteristics as a traditional sponge.

The Sapore RTU Sponge will be available in 22lb Bag-in-Box and 2200 lb totes.

For almost 20 years, Puratos has invested in R&D and production resources for our line of ready-to-use natural fermentation products. This investment has allowed us to provide solutions steeped in tradition with the flexibility necessary in today’s market.