Barry Callebaut's IBC brand, specialized in color and printing technology for food applications, presents its new Christmas product line. Chefs Romaric Boilley of Délices des Sens and James Berthier of Sucré Cacao, crafted Christmas and New Year creations that fit the latest trends in decorations. In 2015 personalization, 3D shapes and clean labels are in vogue. IBC's newly crafted product line consists of a wide range of ready-made decorations and transfer sheets and will be made available starting mid-August.

Christmas 2015 will be all about personalization, 3D shapes and clean labels. Traditional desserts will be lushly decorated with 3D Christmas tree chocolate clips, romantic designs and geometric patterns. Sparkling copper, touches of gold and vibrant colors are in vogue.

"This Christmas diners except to be taken on a culinary adventure, from entrée till dessert," says Sofie De Lathouwer, General Manager IBC Belgium. "They are looking for desserts and chocolates that showcase a unique design with 3D objects and bold colors and are E-number free. With our new Christmas offering we cater to all of those demands for both patisserie and confectionery."

Chefs can use the brand new line of Christmas and New Year wishes to craft a personalized dessert that will impress any sweet-tooth. The wishes are printed on a thin plaque of dark or white Belgian chocolate and deliver a personal message that spruces up any dessert. "Personalization is the talk of the town," says Romaric Boilley, chef of Délices des Sens. "With this exciting line of wishes, chefs can easily produce products that are fit for the unique desires of their clients."

With the transfer sheet collection chefs can add a bold personality to their Christmas chocolate range. In line with the latest trends, chefs can use the easy "tear strips" to make the most beautiful combinations of bold colors and geometric designs. Chefs can choose from an extensive catalogue of almost 200 different designs.

The new 3D Christmas tree chocolate clips give an unexpected flair to any dessert. With the decorations you can add an extra layer of interest to desserts and cakes. With the extra dimension and height, chefs can transform an ordinary dessert into a real showpiece.

With the printed truffle shell collection, confectioners can anticipate on the booming glitter and glamour trend. The gold, silver, copper and bronze printed shells are the perfect companion to design the most fantastic chocolate Christmas gift. IBC has also thought of chefs that are looking for an attractive chocolate creation to gift-wrap their chocolates. The collection of 65 mm printed Christmas baubles are the ideal eye-catcher to do just that! 

Consumers nowadays not only desire authentic but also natural food. They attentively read ingredient labels, demanding no additives, preservatives and E-numbers. To fulfill these needs IBC has developed the unique Cocoart-collection. With the collection chefs can fashion distinctive Christmas creations that are 100% E-number free. Chefs can choose from a variety of colors to give a unique touch to their dessert. The colors range from light brown through black and purple to deep red.

"A dessert that is finished with a beautiful color combination is the literal icing on the cake of a lovely family Christmas dinner," says James Berthier, chef of Sucré Cacao. "Thanks to vast knowledge and range of IBC, I can achieve the most creative results while not having to worry about EU regulatory rules. Their collection continues to trigger my imagination and I can't wait to start preparing special desserts for my clients."