Callebaut has launched a new line of chocolate ingredients catering to beverage and specialty dessert professionals. The collection, which includes Callebaut Ground Chocolate, Mini Chocolate Crispearls, ChocRocks and Mini ChocRocks, delivers a rich taste and exciting finish to numerous beverage, dessert and baking applications.

The new line features four diverse products made in the form of fine chocolate crumbs, small crispy beads, mini-stones, and roughly shaped rocks. All products are certified kosher dairy and can be used individually or in combination to deliver an unexpected and bold chocolate experience. Items include:

Ground Chocolate – Made from finely ground, 100 percent Belgian chocolate for easy mixing into hot or cold beverages. Available in dark chocolate and white chocolate varieties. Re-sealable canister ensures product freshness and shelf life.

Mini Chocolate Crispearls – Tiny dark, milk and white chocolate beads with a crispy biscuit center top off drinks with a shiny, crunchy bite and chocolate taste. Shaker packaging makes for easy use and storage.

ChocRocks – Roughly, uneven shaped chocolate rocks add a rugged finish atop desserts and pastries. Great versatility allows for use in mixed ice cream and chocolate mousse applications, or as an inclusion for muffin, brownies or bread dough. Available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. Re-sealable bag packaging for optimal freshness.

Mini ChocRocks – A smaller, yet equally versatile and flavorful version of the traditional ChocRocks. These small mini-stones are made of dark chocolate and can be shaken on top of drinks, desserts and mignardises.

“We recognized a unique need in the beverage and specialty desserts category for a convenient way to infuse flavor, texture and visual appeal into finished drink and dessert applications,” said Miriam Madrigal, Callebaut brand manager. “Baristas and dessert professionals can incorporate the new Callebaut beverage ingredients in endless ways to create chocolate-inspired products that will surprise and delight their customer base.”