McCormick For Chefs, the branded foodservice business of McCormick & Company, introduces the Perfect Pinch salt-free seasoning blend product line for foodservice professionals. The three new flavors are made from the highest-quality ingredients by McCormick’s expert flavor team. Chefs and dietitians can confidently use Perfect Pinch salt-free seasonings in foodservice environments and recommend them for at-home duplication using available retail SKUs. All Perfect Pinch seasonings are salt-free and Kosher, with no added MSG.

Specific Perfect Pinch features and benefits:

Consumer tested and flavor approved – Perfect Pinch blends are preferred over the familiar product

Better meals – Mintel trends research shows that consumers want lower sodium in the meals they eat away from home but are unwilling to sacrifice flavor or compromise on the satisfaction of great food, making McCormick’s salt-free blends of herbs and spices the perfect choice for your foodservice kitchen

Consistent performance – Provides repeatable results, as it’s backed by McCormick’s high quality assurance processes

Versatile ingredient – Conveniently reduces preparation time for any culinary meal, as one product can substitute for multiple ingredients

Easy to use – Variety of pack sizes to meet any front- or back-of-house needs

“Across all foodservice segments there are initiatives to reduce sodium and to meet new nutritional guidelines,” said Megan Ford, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, US Industrial Group, McCormick & Company. “Perfect Pinch seasonings are the ideal solution for chefs and dietitians, as they are packed with so much flavor that patrons will be amazed delicious meals can be salt-free.”

McCormick For Chefs’ Executive Chef Gary Patterson added, “The Perfect Pinch blends will easily become your new favorite all-purpose seasonings. Perfect as an ingredient in meal preparation or added just before a dish is served, these versatile products add extra flavor to any protein or vegetable.”

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