Barry Callebaut – the world’s leading manufacturer high-quality chocolate and cocoa products – partnered with the American Culinary Federation (ACF) to create a unique chocolate experience for chefs attending the ACF National Convention. During the convention, attendees had the opportunity to visit the Callebaut Chocolate Lounge and enjoy a variety of desserts and chocolate-inspired beverages created by Chef Alicia Boada. Callebaut, part of the Barry Callebaut group, is the Belgian brand of gourmet chocolate and cocoa products for chocolate artisans and professionals. 

The Callebaut Chocolate Lounge featured different dessert stations and introduced chefs to the fusion of chocolate and mixology. Attendees sampled iced chocolate beverages made with Callebaut 811 dark chocolate, as well as a recreation of the custom beverage developed by Chef Boada for her instructional demonstration during the convention. The concoction combined dry ice and liquid chocolate resulting in a modern dessert beverage full of motion and taste. Chefs also enjoyed a fresh fruit station with a liquid chocolate fountain, and a buffet of lollipops and confections all made from Callebaut Belgian Finest Chocolate. 

“The Callebaut Chocolate Lounge was designed to showcase new and surprising chocolate dessert trends,” said Chef Alicia Boada, Callebaut Technical Advisor. “This year we presented recipes that entertained the eye through the use of liquid chocolate movement. Our goal is to help chefs enhance the dessert experience with contemporary recipes that can be recreated in their restaurants and shops.”