MIWE introduced a new interface for its Touch Control MIWE TC: MIWE go!.

For the retail baker, the oven you purchase will be your greatest investment. No other piece of equipment plays a larger role in the final quality of your products.

For this reason, it is wise to research the market to determine the type of oven that best suits your needs. Make sure that you look closely at variables such as the size of your baking area, what products you want to bake, the volume of your production output and even whether you want customers to see your oven in action (a good idea to add theater and an aura of freshness at your place of business).

Deck ovens are a great place to start because they can serve as dependable workhorses for any retail bakery. Innovative technology plays a key role in the latest deck ovens from top manufacturers.

MIWE, for example, has created an entirely new user interface for its Touch Control MIWE TC: MIWE go!, the simplest, most intuitive and smartest MIWE control unit ever.

Baking stations are now operated by a wide variety of people, from expert master bakers who can control the finest aspects of the baking process to temporary workers with minimal baking expertise. The goal for anyone remains to achieve consistently high baking quality as simply as possible.

MIWE go! is structured to enable the control unit to guide users directly and intelligently through every operating process and in as few steps as possible, without having to dive into any deep menus, and with a Help function that can be called up.

Other leading oven manufactures bring the most innovative baking technology to allow bakers to take any bread to the highest level. Revent’s deck oven features optimal heat transfer through porous clay stone to ensure better baking result and an oven chamber door with glass windows that pivot upwards and inwards. With a built-in steam generator, the Revent deck oven offers an easy to operate electronic control panel, with zone heating and steam control.

The Oméga2 line of Bongard deck ovens features two-door fixed deck ovens designed to bake all types of breads, pastries and Viennese buns. A large number of heating elements ideally spread out throughout the deck to guarantee gentle and even baking. Each deck has a separate electrically heated steam generator, producing high quality steam that is always available and in sufficient quantity. The computerized Intuitiv controls (standard) allows the baker to program their own recipes and  to select, per deck, the baking start-up times, while autonomously optimizing the general power consumption of the oven.

As always, invest the necessary time to research the market to find the best deck oven for your bakery’s needs. If you want to produce the highest quality bakery products, you need the top oven to get the job done right.