INDCO HSM-03V benchtop lift mixers feature automatic torque control, allowing them to mix high- or low-viscosity materials, or perform high-speed dispersions, with a single mixer.

This versatile, fully featured small batch mixer for up to 5 gallons is ideal for use in product development labs or production environments across a wide range of food processing applications including mixing nut butters or cake frostings and dispersing xantham gum, as well as lower viscosity materials like blending salad dressings or specialty beverages.

A 3-horsepower DC motor provides constant torque, allowing mix viscosities exceeding 100,000 CPS to be achieved with supplied bowtie style impeller.

Marine style, hydrofoil, or turbine impellers can be used for materials with lower viscosities.

Dispersion blades can be used for high-speed dispersions up to 50,000 CPS.

An ABB Baldor DC speed control requires a 230 VAC power supply and features torque priority or speed priority modes. Standard speed range of 60-1,200 RPM can be changed to 135-2,800 RPM. 

Safety features built into the mixer include a limit switch which stops shaft rotation when the unit is raised to the selected height.

A limit switch stops shaft rotation if the container becomes insecure. The shaft guard limits access to rotating shaft. A front-facing emergency stop button is easily accessible if needed.

A large stainless steel work surface with backsplash accommodates containers up to 5 gallons. A container bracket with easy, hand knob retention system is easy to operate.  Rigid carbon steel frame stands up to the most demanding applications. Gray enamel industrial finish is standard, white epoxy finish and sanitary impellers are available. 

All INDCO mixers are made in the USA. INDCO engineers are available to assist with process and mixing questions. 

Located in New Albany, Indiana, INDCO is a leading manufacturer of industrial mixers. Since 1975 they have designed and manufactured a completed lineup of mixers for batch sizes up to 50,000 gallons. They use premium brand components in their robust designs to deliver high quality mixers that earn their customer’s trust.