Aiming to help increase the skills and proficiency of bakers, Revent, Inc. and Kornfeil Baking Technology recently hosted a grand opening celebration for their state-of-the-art America’s Test Bakery at their new manufacturing facility located just 45 minutes from Newark International Airport in Somerset, New Jersey.

Revent and Kornfeil are on a passionate quest to provide the ultimate tools for professional bakers to get as close to perfection in their craft as possible. In pursuit of this goal, the companies are opening their first test bakery on American soil. The America’s Test Bakery is destined to be a whole new experience for bakers. The ATB will provide the latest, cutting-edge, innovative baking and proofing equipment for small to high-volume production bakeries.

The latest technological advances in deck, rack, convection and combi ovens are available from leading oven equipment manufacturers.

From WP Bakery Group USA, the Matador Classic deck oven allows for baking comparable to a wood-fired oven by means of radiant heat and dropping baking temperature curve. Due to the comparatively slightly increased temperature at the beginning, the radiant heat suffices for the entire baking process. The products form a greater volume yet maintain a tender flaky crust and long-lasting freshness.

The unique Zyklotherm heating system of the Matador features energy savings. Heating gases enter at the front, in the most sensitive area of the oven. From there they take the shortest route through the heating channels. The result of this heat transfer is a uniform baking process, perfect browning, crisp crusts and full flavor development.

Baxter deck ovens combine innovative steam technology with versatile and durable design for the perfect baking machine. With up to four independent decks and a variety of heat settings, you have ultimate control of how many products to bake and how to bake them. The combination of specially designed heating elements and high-quality, atmospheric steam means you get exactly the finish you want, from a thick, chewy pizza slice to a flaky, crispy loaf of artisan bread.

In new developments for rack ovens, Belshaw Adamatic has introduced a new American-made 275K BTU/hr double rack oven that delivers top-rated performance while achieving better energy efficiency than existing rack ovens. Oven 2020’s heating system modulates gas supply smoothly (instead of turning it on and off), increasing the amount of heat available to the oven, while saving energy and reducing operation costs. Oven 2020 is controlled by a full-featured touch screen with extensive menu selection and a manual baking mode. A flash spray system delivers the right amount of steam for the right amount of time.

From MIWE, the MIWE roll-in e+ 3.0 is a leading rack oven that saves energy and offers the latest in cutting edge features. With unique atmospheric baking, it frees bakers from the restraints of climatic conditions. The ergonomically brilliant design allows for overall efficiency and the ability to bake to perfect doneness.

Further, after having recently won the Red Dot Award, the innovative MIWE go! oven control system has now received yet another award. Thanks to its intuitive and smart operating concept, the MIWE go! impressed the jury of the 2018 German Design Award and received the award for outstanding design quality in the Human Machine Interface category. The MIWE go! is now available with many MIWE baking stations, and even older systems can be upgraded with the new control system.

Designed for the foodservice industry, the Empire Ekfa series of high performance convection ovens are designed to meet the needs of the busiest bakeries, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and a multitude of other applications. Designed for decreased energy consumption and increased productivity, the Empire Ekfa bakery ovens heat up quickly and bake uniformly and efficiently. The gentle airflow produced by the dual auto-reversing circulation fan allows for an even distribution of heat throughout the baking chamber.