The Bread Bakers Guild of America is hosting a two-day intensive session on sourdough products and processes on April 29-30 at the King Arthur Baking School in Norwich, Vermont.

In this course, attendees will produce a variety of breads, while learning how build schedules, hydration, flour selection, fermentation times and temperature influence flavor profile, dough characteristics and production timelines. Being able to manipulate these and other variables is critical to the baker’s success on any scale, so the BBGA and King Arthur will explore the subject in its historical context, focusing on how principles impact production in real time. 

King Arthur Baking School instructors Luc Diggle and Blake Olson will lead students through two days of demonstrations and knowledge. Students will learn how to: 

  • Create functional sourdough maintenance schedules
  • Select appropriate preferments 
  • Design breads that work
  • Manipulate hydration and temperature

Classes are hosted at the King Arthur Baking School in Norwich, Vermont. Registration is required. The cost is $450 for members and $550 for nonmembers. Space is limited to 10 students.