With the holiday season on the horizon, bakeries can entice customers and increase sales with appealing boxes of holiday cookies. The Bread Bakers Guild of America (BBGA) is looking to help bakers prepare with a two-hour Zoom class devoted to the traditions of European holiday specialties – delicate cookies that fill every holiday table in Europe during Advent.

During the class, taking place Tuesday, December 5 from 5-7 pm EST, presentation, packaging and production schedules will be discussed, as well as best practices for marketing these delicacies.

Heike Meyer, who studied at the German National Baking Academy and has since worked alongside many craft bakers in Europe and North America, will demonstrate the following:

  • Honigkuchen
  • Zimtsterne
  • Vanille Kipfel
  • Linzer Cookies
  • Rumkugels

The class will also provide an overview of the Advent baking traditions and will have a Q&A where attendees can ask all about the recipes, techniques and flavors, and how to bring those into the bakery.

By the end of this class, attendees will be able to:

  • Get the most out of fresh spices
  • Incorporate shelf stable products to holiday offerings
  • Expand variety of value-added products
  • Understand how to use packaging, presentation and marketing ideas for selling at a higher price point

Registration is now open for the class as a cost of $75 for BBGA members and $100 for non-members.