The Retail Bakers of America (RBA) invites those interested to join it for three online events that will get them ready for the holiday rush. The Holiday Dream Team will prepare bakers with real skills, techniques and products they can add to their holiday cases this season.

The following events will take place this week online:

Tuesday Oct. 26 @ 10 am EST — Anne Heap

Cozy Knit Holiday Trends – Attendees will learn different techniques for their holiday cakes this year. They’ll learn how to achieve a realistic knit look on cookies and cakes for the holidays. Anne Heap will demonstrate how quickly and easily these cookies and cakes can be decorated.

Wednesday Oct 27 @ 10 am EST — Lisa Kirshner

Versatility of Viennois! – During this online class attendees will learn how to mix, shape and bake Viennois (Pain au Lait). A variation using dried cherries/cranberries and white chocolate. This dough is very soft and handles very well. It can be made ahead of time and ferment in the cooler for up to 2 days. This variation is great around wintertime because it pairs well with hot cocoa or a nice cup of coffee.

Thursday Oct 28th @10 am EST— Bronwen Weber

Mid Century Glass Sculpted Ornament Cake – Attendees will see how to sculpt a quarter sheet into a fun retro ornament. Bronwen Weber will show how to be fast with fondant and airbrushing.

Tickets are free for RBA Members, $25 per class for non-members: $25 per class or $50 for the 3-part series.