The holiday season is one to look forward to for retail bakeries. However, this year will be much different with COVID-19.

Bakeries need to know what products will sell this holiday season, which products need to be shipped or delivered and how much staff will be needed to meet demand. With that in mind, the Retail Bakers of America (RBA) is hosting a virtual round table discussion to cover the specific challenges COVID-19 brings to the holiday season.

During the RBA’s round table discussion, bakers will share plans and best guesses for the upcoming holiday season. Participants can think of it as a baker’s group therapy session with fellow bakers from across the country.

Only 25 bakers are being allowed to join the discussion, set for Tuesday, November 17 at 2 pm CST, so interested individuals are asked to RSVP as soon as possible. The event is free for RBA members and $15 for non-RBA members.

Tickets are available at the event’s page.