Over a week before St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), the Bread Bakers Guild of America is hosting a tutorial on Irish culinary specialties.

On Monday, March 7, expert teacher Jimmy Griffin will cover several Irish foods in a two hour demo. Griffin will teach classic Irish Brown Soda bread that can be made and ready to eat in just an hour, Fruited Soda bread, Hot Cross Buns (just in time for Easter), Raspberry Buttermilk scones which were a signature at Griffin’s for more than 140 years, Griffin’s Grinder—a sandwich bread baked in a traditional Irish wood form (variations will be discussed) and a light and savory Potato and Dill Shamrock Bread, made with an overnight cold sponge and shaped into a festive clover.

Griffin was born into a family steeped in baking tradition since 1876 and became the sixth generation of his family to carry on the family baking tradition. The bakery celebrated 143 years in business in 2019. In 1982, Griffin went to Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) to study a Diploma in Bakery Production and Management, where he graduated with honors.

He now teaches at Technological University Dublin, (TU Dublin) as a lecturer in the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology and is the author of 5 books in less than 15 months, The Art of Lamination, El Arte del Laminado (Spanish edition), Global Master Bakers Cookbook, Family Secrets – The Recipes and Panettone – The King of Bread. Griffin teaches internationally during his holidays from the university and works as a private teacher/consultant to industry and for many international schools.