As part of the Bread Bakers Guild of America’s annual open house events on June 24, North Carolina’s acclaimed La Farm Bakery will be hosting visitors for a tour of the bakery, a bread-shaping demonstration, and bread samples.

La Farm Bakery’s owner Lionel Vatinet is a multiple-time semifinalist in the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Baker Award. La Farm has risen to being one of the top artisanal bread producers in the country, behind Vatinet’s knowledge and experience.

The Bread Bakers Guild organizes the open houses in several states across the country to promote locally made bread and to give bring bakeries and customers together.

Not only will La Farm Bakery give guests a sneak peek at how it bakes its bread, but they will also get to sample a variety of top breads, including the bakery’s newest Barley Bread with Blueberries. Additionally, guests will leave La Farm with a White Chocolate Mini Baguette.

In addition to the bakery’s open house, it will also host summer baking classes on June 13-14.