Vandemoortele USA introduces two new desserts, Maple Pecan Cake and Cookies ‘N Cream Pie, to their robust line of cakes and pies. While delicious, these products are also time-saving, responsibly sourced and sustainably packaged.

The luxuriously soft traybake Maple Pecan Cake features a creamy maple-filled center complemented by rich, buttery pecans and a hint of maple syrup. With its delightful combination of flavors and textures, this Maple Pecan Cake is versatile as an accompaniment to morning coffee or dinner’s grand finale.

The Cookies N' Cream layered pie begins with a cocoa shortbread foundation that is topped with smooth chocolate and vanilla cream to make a rich, dense filling. Sprinkled with cookie crumbles, this upgrade to a classic pie is a must-have addition to dessert menu offerings.

Vandemoortele's innovative, resealable cardboard packaging allows cakes to be served and preserved efficiently. Desired portions can be thawed while the rest of the dessert can be stored in the freezer until needed. In short, these desserts provide such benefits as:

  • Ready to serve; simply defrost
  • Pre-cut into individual portions—defrost only what you need
  • Resealable packaging
  • Serve all day long

Additionally, Vandemoortele's commitment to sourcing top-quality ingredients leads to better tasting products. The two new desserts are made with: 

  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • No preservatives
  • Sustainably-sourced cocoa
  • Barn eggs
  • Sustainable palm oil

These two new desserts are deceptively easy to store and serve, making the high quality from all-natural ingredients and excellent taste that much more surprising and rewarding. 

Flavor of the Year

One of the world’s top 10 food and beverage flavor manufacturers has identified the official 2024 Flavor of the Year: Ube.

A bright purple tuberous root hailing from the Philippines, Ube has gained international recognition for its exquisite purple hue and distinctive earthy, nutty and sweet flavor profile. Fast becoming a mainstream ingredient in the U.S. thanks to its trademark violet or lavender color, Ube offers a multitude of applications ranging from savory dishes such as purple mashed potatoes, gnocchi and sauces to infusing a twist into desserts, baked goods and even beverages. Due to its growing popularity among foodies and culinary influencers on social media for providing a splash of natural color in Instagram- and TikTok-worthy dishes, experts agree that Ube is poised to take center stage as a flavor ingredient next year.

Ube’s new title as Flavor of the Year is just one of many findings in the 2024 Food and Beverage Flavor Trends Report, an annual summary by California-based T. Hasegawa USA.

T. Hasegawa has developed custom flavors for the world’s top food and beverage brands for more than a century. Globally recognized for its innovation and expertise in flavor development and proprietary flavor enhancing technologies, T. Hasegawa remains at the forefront of consumer trends and shares these developments and research findings throughout the food and beverage industry.