The Doughminators, a dedicated team of dough experts from General Mills Foodservice, will be on hand at the upcoming International Pizza Expo (August 17-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center) to help pizza makers with the skills and knowledge necessary to create signature crusts and prevent crust issues.

This distinct group of individuals has been a staple of the Pizza Expo for more than 25 years. Once again, the team from General Mills will conduct dough demonstrations and host Pizza Crust Boot Camp sessions to help pizza makers achieve the perfect pizza crust. They will also be accessible throughout the show to help pizza makers troubleshoot and solve pizza crust challenges as well as discuss how different flour types are uniquely suited to different styles of pizza.

“The crust is the foundation for any good pizza and identifying the right flour for the type of crust you are striving for is critical to success,” says Tom Santos, who serves as a Doughminator and has seen just about every type of dough issue throughout his long career as both a bakery owner and field sales rep at General Mills. “We stand ready to serve pizzerias and pizza makers to help them solve common dough dilemmas and learn how to bake the perfect pizza crust.”

Pizza Crust Boot Camp is a free seminar that teaches attendees how to improve pizza-crust production techniques, troubleshoot dough problems and find ways to cut costs while achieving higher quality. Additionally, The Doughminators will host free dough demonstrations at the General Mills booth and be available to help operators identify the best flour type to meet their needs, including the new Di Prim’ Ordine Farina, a European-style flour. The Doughminators will conduct live demos of this new Neapolitan “00-style” flour so attendees can see the item in action.