Art Delectables is on a mission to revolutionize the desserts category, creating a space for health-conscious luxury treats that are made in small batches with organically grown, non-GMO ingredients, using 30% less sugar compared to traditional desserts.

Founded in 2016 by Deljah “Chef Simone” Dickson, the luxury, organic product line specializes in decadent desserts, such as More Than A Fudge Brownies, Brown Butter Blondies, a variety of cookies, specialty chocolate covered strawberries and more. The completely female-led, minority and family-owned company based in Los Angeles, California offers pick-up, delivery and nationwide shipping through online ordering, as well as private catering, with a retail expansion kicking off in 2021.

“I used to spend summers in the southwestern farming belt of Michigan with my grandfather growing up,” says Chef Simone. “During those summers, I’d explore the array of fresh-made canned jams and jellies in my great grandmother’s basement - all made from fruit we picked that day. Those were my first introductions to all things organic; where we picked the land by hand and used those ingredients for homemade dinner and desserts. It inspired my unique path from pre-med student, to culinary and pastry chef, that blossomed into Art Delectables. My intention was always to create a space where we can educate the community on the importance of making healthier, organic food choices, which I always found easier to talk about over dessert.”

On January 16, the brand will reveal expanded delivery capabilities through its new ghost kitchen location in partnership with CloudKitchen. Patrons in Los Angeles can find Art Delectables available for delivery through third party platforms including Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates and Grubhub. Art Delectables will also have select items available on and is anticipated to launch its line of desserts within multiple Kroger locations later this year.

Art Delectables is looking to stand out with its interactive catering experiences, shifting to personalized, themed boxes. No longer able to go on-site to set up catering, Art Delectables now features “bar collections” where guests can elevate dessert tables in the comfort of their homes. Each collection offers dessert and optional beverage pairing experiences for a fun, interactive option to enjoy with small groups.

Art Delectables’ team includes Chef Simone, her mother and chief operating officer Clotee McAfee and Simone’s 9-year-old daughter Madison Dorsey, who brainstorms flavors, desserts and business ideas.