Treetop Biopak has introduced home compostable bags to address concerns over the environmental impact of plastic bread bags. The new bags are designed to compost once discarded correctly without leaving any microplastics or pollutants behind.

London-based Treetop Biopak has developed a single-layer material with higher barrier properties specifically designed for baked foods. The bags have been shown to achieve shelf life of 7 to 10 days with sliced bloomer and sourdough bread.

In the United States, the Biodegradable Products Institute has certified the packaging as compostable.

 “We are committed to enabling clients to balance their quality and performance with consumer requirements for compostable solutions to reduce waste plastic,” said Amir Gross, company founder. “This allows a whole range of goods to maintain their freshness, ensure the required shelf life, while minimizing any impact on the environment.”