Challenger Breadware has launched its new bench knife, a large, handcrafted kitchen solution for bakers and chefs at small bakeries and restaurants that is specifically designed for dealing with delicate dough.

The Challenger Bench Knife’s nonstick blade measures 4" x 8" (10cm x 20cm), larger than most bench knives and dough scrapers on the market. The blade allows bakers to scale and separate their dough with ease. It can also be used to slide dough into bannetons.

“The large blade provides the necessary capacity, and the comfortable Live Oak handle makes working with dough easier because it feels like a natural extension of the baker's hand,” says Jim Challenger, founder and president of Challenger Breadware. “We spent countless hours designing the Challenger Bench Knife, and I’m confident bread bakers around the globe, from weekend hobbyists to expert bakers, will find the new bench knife extremely useful.”

Jim Challenger invented the Challenger Bench Knife after years of frustration of not having the right tool in his kitchen. It was made in collaboration with the producer of Campbell’s Dough Knife, and the Live Oak handles are handcrafted by Aaron Lucas, an artisanal wood craftsman in Charleston, South Carolina.