Novolex brand Eco-Products has rolled out new compostable lids for takeout and ideal for snack bars, restaurants, and other venues seeking environmentally-friendly options. 
Like the brand’s container bases, the lids are made from renewable sugarcane fiber and belong to the WorldView line. The lids are grease- and cut-resistant and modeled for strength and style. The products meet commercial composability standards for ASTM D6868. 
"We're proud to introduce yet another innovative product that combines environmental benefits while maintaining performance," says Sarah Martinez, senior director of marketing for Eco-Products. "These WorldView lids are strong, durable and compostable – an important combination.” 
Shapes for the new products include round, oval, square, rectangle, and some include compartments. In addition to the sugarcane lids, the WorldView line also carries transparent lids made from 100% post-consumer recycled content or renewable plant-based material.