Chicago-based Eli’s Cheesecake is helping customers bring special desserts to their holiday tables with its seasonal menu.

Among the holiday lineup are the following:

  • Eggnog Cheesecake – Made with Judson and Moore family legacy American whiskey, baked on a holiday cookie crust ($58 plus shipping, serves 12)
  • Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Cheesecake – Cinnamon-infused dark chocolate cheesecake topped with a mirror of caramel mousse ($58 plus shipping, serves 12)
  • Peppermint Crunch Dippers – The holiday version of Eli’s #1 dessert at Taste of Chicago. Frozen chocolate mint cheesecake on a stick, enrobed in crunchy chocolate ($55 plus shipping, box of 6
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie in the Sky – A little pie with a brown sugar chocolate chip cookie dough crust, filled with house made chocolate fudge ($31 plus shipping, box of 12)

Returning this holiday season is the Nick Cave x Eli’s Cheesecake edible art collaboration ($147, overnight shipping included, box of 10). It features Eli’s bite-sized, chocolate-dipped cheesecake squares, each sporting a different color, flavor and symbol: Love, Happiness, Equality and Peace, celebrating the power of connection, so important during the holiday season. 100 percent of net proceeds benefit the Facility Foundation, the artists’ own non-profit supporting young and underrepresented artists.

Last year, Eli’s Cheesecake announced the collaboration with the American sculptor and artist that was tasted at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s premiere of Cave’s documentary, 367 Days, which explores the making of his community made performance, The Color Is.