Superfoods and baking are joining forces in many more ways to create a wave of new concepts for consumers to enjoy.

On Sept. 5, the superfood-driven breakfast and baking company MOYU™ launched with nationwide shipping in the United States via its website. Its core products include ready-to-eat cakes as well as a proprietary bake mix that can be used to create fiber and protein-packed breakfast and baked goods—such as pancakes, muffins, and brownies—without the use of typical baking ingredients.

The key ingredient to MOYU’s products is Konjac, a remarkable wellness ingredient with a 2000-year-old history in the traditional cuisines and medicinal practices of East Asia. Over 40% of global Konjac originates in Yunnan, China. The Konjac plant contains glucomannan, a soluble dietary fiber renowned for its ability to absorb water and form a gel-like substance. It is considered sustainable because it requires little care when grown in the right terroir.

MOYU is the brainchild of third-generation food entrepreneur Gillian Hu, who grew up in Yunnan and now resides in New York City. While Konjac was ingrained in her childhood, it was later in life, while training as a competitive athlete, that Gillian discovered the ingredient’s remarkable potential, harnessing its power to create recipes that met her daily carb, protein, fat, and micronutrient requirements. 

“MOYU is more than a product; it's my dream brought to life, redefining wellness in both bustling marketplaces and intimate kitchen corners,” said founder Gillian Hu. “From quick bites to soulful kitchen sessions, MOYU empowers everyone with a wholesome way to embrace today's wellness and nutrition trends, suiting every style, every moment.”