Creating a whole new product category with the introduction of Limoncello individual cakes and other delicious desserts, the Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company, based in Salem, Massachusetts, is carving a unique niche in the alcohol-infused bakery sector.

“We have watched many fads come and go, but we’ve always stayed true to our mission,” explains Phil Mastroianni, co-owner and co-founder of Fabrizia. "What separates us from everyone else are the ingredients that we choose to use for our Limoncello and baked goods. We import all of our lemons directly from Sicily and they are the only thing that provides our Limoncello with its flavor and color. That Limoncello is then used as the foundation to our cookies, biscotti, lemon loaves, blondies, and cake jars.”

Less than a year after its launch, Food & Beverage magazine called Fabrizia's Limoncello cookie “the world's most perfect cookie...irresistible!" All of Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company's products can be found at its website.

“Everything is direct to consumer, and our products have no preservatives,” Mastroianni shares. “We hired a professional baker, Stephanie Kearney, six months ago. We operate a 2,000-square-foot licensed food prep area right here where we started the Fabrizia Limoncello company.”

After launching Fabrizia Spirits, the leading producer of Limoncello in America, in 2008, brothers Phil and Nick Mastroianni longed to share another cultural aspect of their upbringing.... food.

“This venture really came about to solve a problem,” Phil explains, adding that their peak season for Limoncello winds down after Labor Day.

They didn’t want to lose their valuable workforce during late fall and winter months, so they explored different opportunities to extend their product line. They considered seasonal spirits in a bottle. Then they recognized the booming opportunity to sell unique desserts online, they decided to introduce a baked goods company. The Limoncello is applied from a spray bottle prior to baking.

“It is all about the flavor,” Mastroianni says. “Our slogan is Live Life Zesty. That’s what it is all about.”