The intersection of Daily Delights and Mindfulness Matters opens the door to an amazing opportunity for retail bakeries today. Dawn Foods identifies four transformative trends in its new Global Bakery Trends, and two – Daily Delights and Mindfulness Matters – can be viewed through a single prism that sheds valuable light on what consumers truly want from the bakery and which types of sweet bakery products they are most eager to purchase.

Daily Delights are represented through smaller-size portions that are perfect for the consumer who wants just a little indulgence in their day. As we place a stronger emphasis on mental health, consumers have increasingly changed their perceptions of sweet goods. Enjoying something sweet has gone from “something I feel guilty about” to “something that makes me feel good,” an essential part of a balanced lifestyle.

Fast fact – More than half of consumers have added sweet baked goods to their routines over the past year.

As for Mindfulness Matters, today’s consumers are putting a great deal of thought into the foods they eat. Aware of how their choices affect their personal health, their community, and their planet, they’re looking for authenticity, and want to make a positive impact on the world.

Fast facts – 73% of consumers eat local as much as possible, and 61% are willing to pay more for sustainable options.

“Trends are being converted now on consumer terms,” points out Sarah Hickey, Senior Director of Marketing and Insights. “For example, every culture has their own version of fried dough. People of different cultures agree on the same, ‘I know this emotion and this feeling.’”

Hickey accentuates the point that there are many innovative products and mashups in the sweet bakery sector, and together they offer consumers a global world of enticing flavor profiles and textures. But it’s even more than that.

“People love to indulge once a day and they want to be very mindful about their choice,” she explains, pointing out how Daily Delights and Mindfulness Matters intersect.

“People love to indulge once a day and they want to be very mindful about their choice.”

Sarah Hickey, senior director of marketing and insights, Dawn Foods

On the Go

Creative Cake Pops, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is witnessing tremendous growth in the packaged cake pop business, as consumers seek out smaller treats that can be enjoyed on the go or as a special treat throughout the day.

Creative Cake Pops introduces new flavors including Sea Salt Caramel, to go along with its popular Birthday Cake, Chocolate Bliss, and Cookies and Cream varieties.

Expect to see more innovations along these lines in the packaged, hand-held sweets category.