On Monday, October 1, culinary experts and enthusiasts gathered at The New York Law School in New York for a special program. The fourth-annual The Next Big Bite trends event presented by Les Dames d’Escoffier New York (LDNY) focused on the next big things in the industry, including simple foods that taste delicious and are easy to make.

The event, emceed by Joe Yonan, food editor of The Washington Post, paired lauded culinary experts with rising stars in four one-on-one conversations designed to reveal what we’ll cook, eat, drink and crave in 2019.

One of the stars of the event was Milk Bar CEO Christina Tosi. The accomplished pastry chef, who is set to publish a new cookbook in October, sat down with Dorie Greenspan, “On Dessert” columnist for The New York Times, to discuss the topic of what we’ll crave.

Among her tips, Tosi shared that baking will get simpler – we’ll crave making a nice cookie with a twist versus a complicated croquembouche. Additionally, she said that comfort-food classics will feature unexpected ingredients to make them pop.

One of the key pieces of advice Christina Tosi gives to young pastry chefs is to learn the rules first, then break them and have fun. It’s that independent spirit and innovation that has allowed Milk Bar to become one of the biggest names in baking in the country.