July is National Ice Cream Month, and as temperatures rise, so are consumer’ desires for their favorite frozen treats.

According to 84.51°, a retail data science, insights and media company helping Kroger and its partners create customer-centric shopper journeys, consumers are seeking value and are purchasing larger container sizes, such as pails (6 quarts), across brands. While traditional (1.5 quarts) and premium pints (0.5 quarts) outperform pails at sales touchpoints, pails sales increased 20 percent compared to last year.  

The top selling ice cream flavors by the pail (in order) are vanilla, chocolate and Neapolitan. Consumers prefer the classics, but one unique flavor that is on the rise is birthday cake.

Although National Ice Cream Month (July) has the highest sales volume, data shows that ice cream sales grew the most later in the year, specifically in October. The reasons for that include:

  • Seasonal flavors and promotions – Shoppers enticed by new seasonal ice cream flavors and special discounts or promotions led to increased purchases  
  • Post-summer discounts – Consumers may have found discounted ice cream prices as retailers cleared out their inventory