In June, Insomnia Cookies launched CookieLab, a new R&D Department for cookie innovation. The newest ground-breaking initiative for the Insomnia Cookies brand is a playground for cookie innovation or cookie “research & doughvelopment”.

CookieLab Research & Doughvelopment experts will use the test space to dream up decadent desserts. The space will allow Insomnia Cookies to release cookie creations throughout the year. Fans will have “cookie clearance” in the CookieLab, as Insomnia Cookies will be sharing all of the “cookievation” that goes on every step of the way.

The latest sweet treat from the CookieLab arrives just in time for National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 19. The Monster’wich takes the brand’s popular Cookie’wich to the next level by mixing a crushed cookie and up to two toppings in ice cream, then sandwiching it in between two warm cookies. The customization options are endless and it will be delivered in Insomnia Cookies’ new custom Cookie’wich Box.

Another new cookie from the CookieLab is the Cookies ‘n’ Cream cookie. Available for a limited time, it’s filled with pieces of rich chocolate wafers and sweet cream chips baked into a traditional cookie base.