Expanding his iconic line of mash-up desserts, Chef Zac Young of PieCaken Bakeshop is bringing back The PassCaken for Passover. The holiday dessert special features matzo-crusted coconut macaroon pie topped with flourless chocolate cake and raspberry mousse, garnished with gilded chocolate and sea salt matzo crumble.

The PassCaken is made with Kosher for Passover ingredients, but it is not Certified Kosher for Passover or made in a Kosher for Passover facility. Each PieCaken has an 7-inch diameter, measures 5-inches tall, and weighs in at nearly 6 pounds. It serves 8-12 people.

Chef Young took the turducken to the next level by turning it into a dessert dish along with fellow pastry chef Gian Martinez in 2015. The piecaken consists of a pumpkin pie, pecan pie and spice cake cut and stacked together, then finished with cinnamon frosting, oat crumble and apple pie filling.

Since its creation, Chef Young has come up with other seasonal versions of the dessert, which he sells on Goldbelly through The Piecaken Bakeshop. For instance, a Christmas version of the dessert will be available in December that consists of pecan pie, eggnog cheesecake and red velvet cake layered together with amaretto buttercream and topped with sweet and tart cherry pie filling.