Chicago-based marshmallow café XO Marshmallow has revealed its newest, limited-edition Easter marshmallow that has a cheeky surprise inside.

Cheeky Chickies each feature a handmade, vanilla, chick-shaped marshmallow sprinkled with sugar on the outside and filled with a chocolate-covered creme egg on the inside. They are available on XO Marshmallow’s website and in the café for $6.95 per marshmallow chick.

Additionally, the café is offering new Bunnies and Flowers. Each set comes with two sprinkle-kissed bunnies and three flowers. These nostalgic vanilla marshmallows are also available on the website and in the café for $5.45 per bag.

XO Marshmallow’s Easter collection features a variety of flavors, including Strawberry Cheesecake Blondies and Peaches and Cream.