Image courtesy of XO Marshmallow
XO Marshmallow, a marshmallow-dedicated café which opened in Chicago last yearhas been providing gourmet marshmallows to customers online since March of 2016 and in-store since June of 2017 as it continues to grow in popularity.

Now, the premium marshmallow company is looking to provide more than just marshmallows to its fans. Promising to make customers “feel like a kid again,” XO Marshmallow has announced that it will offer marshmallow decorating classes in March.

In the Marshmallow Decorating Class, guests will learn how XO makes its marshmallows and how the company was able to build an entire café around marshmallows. Then, they will have the opportunity to decorate a 6"x6" slab of gourmet Vanilla Marshmallows.

The company will have cookie cutters, sprinkles galore, chocolate, and much more on hand to help its students decorate their marshmallows. They will get to take home the marshmallows they’ve created, as well as one box of the marshmallow of the month. Additionally, they’ll receive 10% off an entire purchase in the café the day of the class.

Tickets and additional information for the March 24 classes can be found at XO Marshmallow’s website.