Chicago-based gourmet marshmallow café XO Marshmallow has run several successful promotions and products this year, including its popular Rose Gold Rosé marshmallows and its Harry Potter-inspired collection.

The latest fun products at XO Marshmallow are its holiday-inspired options. The Sugarplum flavor is inspired by the Sugarplum Fairy from The Nutcracker. The colorful and festive marshmallows are sweet and aromatic.

Also new to the menu is the Peppermint flavor. Pink swirls and peppermint oil give this colorful marshmallow a luxurious, light, flavor. They make perfect additions to cups of hot cocoa during the chilly season.

Part of XO Marshmallow’s After Dark series inspired by popular cocktails, Jingle Juice marshmallows capture the flavor of the boozy holiday concoction of vodka, rosé, and cherry.

Other XO Marshmallow products ideal for gift-giving this time of year include Edible Gingerbread Dough Cups (containing a layer of gluten-free edible gingerbread dough topped with a fluffy layer of vanilla marshmallow perfection and dipped completely in dark chocolate and topped with candied ginger), a cookie dough marshmallow spread, and a fancy “make your own” s’mores kit.