On Thursday, January 2, XO Marshmallow announced the debut of its latest flavors. The gourmet marshmallow company will have three new marshmallow offerings for the month of January.

The “Marshmallow of the Month” is Sour Strazberry. It combines strawberries and raspberries together for fruity marshmallow, which is then covered it with citric acid for a sour twist.

XO Marshmallow is helping customer prepare for brunch with its Bloody Mary marshmallows. Part of the After Dark series of cocktail-inspired flavors, this flavor features everything that goes inside a Bloody Mary (except for things like celery and bacon).

The final new flavor features hemp extract and a spicy kick. Spicy Chocolate Hemp Extract marshmallows are made with hemp extract from Sorse Labs, each marshmallow contains 10mg of hemp for a relaxing and therapeutic effect.