Frying and icing donuts can be challenging work. Further advancements in donut machinery and technology are driving new efficiencies in the donut marketplace.

Featured at IBIE 2022, Belshaw has developed a multi-faceted fryer accessory that allows for the automated frying of historically labor-intensive, manually produced goods such as mochi rings and yeast donut holes. This first of its kind system can be easily field integrated into existing Belshaw equipment to improve quality, through-put and efficiency.

In addition, Belshaw icers, glazers and sugaring machines include companion equipment for Open Kettle and Donut Robot® systems, and automated equipment for Century and HV Industrial systems.

Belshaw's H&I icers are designed to be as convenient as possible for making high quality donuts. The two bowls with lids are conveniently sized and the unit is movable on casters, taking up a minimum of valuable space. You can fill the stainless-steel water tank with hot water each day in advance of using the icer, and the element inside keeps it warm all day. Your icing will be gently warmed and won't overheat and form a crust. You can make beautiful quality iced donuts without stressing over your icing

Icing donuts by hand can be slow, inconsistent, and labor-intensive. Imagine automatically icing donuts in a fraction of the time with no operator handling. The patent-pending Axis Half Icer offers the highest consistency. It maintains exceptional temperature regulation (±1°F), includes a unique “no-tail” feature and delivers sharp, clean lines, smooth texture, and consistent color and sheen. 

AXIS icing bakery equipment handles a wide variety of icing viscosities with ease. Whether you’re working with water-based or fat-based ingredients, look forward to the fastest production rates in the industry. Connect the AXIS Half Icer to an onboard by-pass conveyor or link to other icers in series for quick color-changes that won’t interrupt production. Use as a donut icer for rings, shells and Long Johns or apply to your cookies, pastries and breakfast bars. With its flexibility, small footprint, easy-clean capabilities, and great-looking results there really isn’t a better decorating solution.

The AXIS Half Icer (US Patent No. 10,477,868) applies a smooth, polished layer of icing without mess or waste for better-looking product and greater profit. Low shear pumps, custom proportional valving and proprietary designs ensure uniform, consistent coverage and prevent degradation of RTU icings even after hours of use. Water-jacketed elements and insulated kettle regulate product temperature to stay within ±1°F. The unique “no-tail” decorating feature delivers sharp clean icing lines.