Heading into the new year, King Arthur Baking Company looked to showcase a recipe that inspires creativity, joy and delicious satisfaction. With that in mind, the leading baking brand has selected Ultimate Sandwich Bagels as its Recipe of the Year for 2022.

Bakers can get creative in the kitchen by creating their own sandwich combinations using the Ultimate Sandwich Bagel recipe.

Notable recipe qualities include:

  • The recipe uses a special kind of starter – pâte fermentée – which adds additional flavor and helps make the interior crumb fine but not too dense (just perfect, if you ask us!)
  • Unlike massive, chewy bagels, these ones are light and crispy
  • They are noticeably smaller than other bagel recipes which lends the perfectly to making bagel sandwiches
  • While tradition pushes bakers to roll the dough into a log and then twist it into a ring, we chose the super-simple process of rolling the dough into a ball and poking a hole through the center. It’s more approachable, kid-friendly, results in more consistently round bagels, and often leads to a smaller hole – which is better for sandwiches.

King Arthur Baking Company’s recipe for Ultimate Sandwich Bagels can be found on its website.