With consumer interest in sustainable food products skyrocketing, many are looking to swap out typical ingredients with more people and planet-friendly ones.

To help in that endeavor, King Arthur Baking Company offers its Sustainable Baking Guide, supplying bakers with a variety of unique brunch recipes baked with organic flours that are good for the planet without compromising taste.

The current ingredient being spotlighted in the Guide is rye flour. Among the recipes offered are:

  • Rye Chocolate Coffeecake – This coffeecake sports rich chocolate flavor and malty background notes from the rye flour
  • Rye Banana Bread – Spiced with cinnamon and sweetened with brown sugar and honey, this deep-dark banana bread is baked with rye flour that lends subtle earthy flavor to the loaf
  • Savory Rye Pancakes – These petite pancakes baked with rye flour are topped with crème fraiche and smoked salmon

The Sustainable Baking Guide also provides tips on how to reduce waste, such as how to get single-use plastic out of baking, how to re-use parchment, maximizing oven energy efficiency and utilizing buckwheat in baking.