King Arthur Baking Company, formerly King Arthur Flour, is launching a brand-new campaign ahead of the holiday baking season called, “The Power of Baking.” With the challenges this year has brought for everyone, this campaign underscores the company’s belief that baking has the power to bring people together.

The campaign features real bakers making their own recipes in their own home kitchens and bakeries in locations such as New York City, Los Angeles and New Orleans. After conducting consumer research, King Arthur found that its audience bakes as a way to counter what is going on in the world. This research led to the campaign’s focus.

King Arthur tapped award-winning songwriter Alana Da Fonseca to craft a spot that would feel like a classic, iconic track with lyrics that reflected just how difficult the year has been. Da Fonseca then brought on Ashley Nguyen DeWitt to sing.

See the full 60-second spot, which will appear on television, digital and social media, below: