America’s oldest flour company has changed its name to better reflect a company of bakers who believe in the power of baking to forge community and bring joy. King Arthur Flour has rebranded as King Arthur Baking Company, complete with a new logo of a wheat crown to celebrate the brand’s commitment to baking.

“King Arthur has always been a baking company at heart,” says Karen Colberg, King Arthur Baking Company’s co-chief executive officer. “The rebrand reaffirms our belief in the power of baking, and our commitment to inspiring bakers through every single touchpoint including our teaching and our products. Our mission is rooted in building stronger communities, fostering the connections that come from baking and sharing.  The new positioning as a baking company will enable us to continue to grow and welcome all bakers, from passionate life-long bakers to beginners.”

The rebrand is the result of 18 months of brand research and creative strategy process, centered on the commitment to sharing the love and joy of baking.

“We set out to design a logo that’s equal parts premium, authentic and joyful to reflect the essence of the brand and strengthen the emotional connection bakers have with us,” says Ruth Perkins, King Arthur Baking Company’s senior creative director. “The logo, combined with our name change, harnesses who we are. We are bakers and we revel in the joy of baking.”

The new logo and company name are officially live on the company’s website and new product packaging will be rolling out in stores throughout the fall.

To celebrate the rebrand, King Arthur Baking Company is launching the Bake Joy campaign. Consumers can share photos of their baking creations with Bake Joy GIFs and stickers on social media or try out the new Crown filter on Facebook and Instagram.