Standing over a donut fryer not for you? While the Donut Robot® works, you can do other jobs. Belshaw Adamatic's Donut Robot® machines are designed to allow a single person to produce more donuts, and better quality donuts, than standard frying. This happens because each donut is given the same frying time and is turned over at the same moment, while absorbing less fat.

Belshaw Adamatic's standard donut fryer range gives donut makers the flexibility needed to make any variety of donut, whether it's a traditional glazed ring, or a custom-made signature product that's the talk of the neighborhood. Both gas and electric models are available.

Further, Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group offers the next generation rack oven, OVEN2020, which features a new rapid-heating system that enables startup and recovery much faster than other rack ovens. Temperature is maintained by modulating gas flow, rather than turning on and off. That means more accurate temperatures. The result? Better quality in less time.

With 66% baking energy efficiency, very low idle energy rate, and very low startup energy usage, you’ll consume less energy and create less exhaust when you operate OVEN2020.

When you are looking for extra quality in your breads, cakes, pastries and other baked goods, OVEN2020’s air flow system, powered by a large 18-inch circulation fan, helps by producing an even bake from top to bottom. And when you need steam, you get just the right amount, at just the right time.

OVEN2020 comes pre-installed with your own product recipes, and the user-friendly menu-based controller will make OVEN2020 the baker’s best friend.

Consistency matters

Premium donut mixes offer another solution for increasing efficiency and consistency in your operation.

BakeMark’s donut mixes contain the highest quality ingredients to enhance the flavor of your final product. Utilizing the highest quality milk and egg products, our mixes are formulated to bring the best flavor and texture to your donuts.

BakeMark also offers specialty mixes like potato donuts and vegan donuts, recognizing that your customers may have different needs and tastes.

The company formulates donut mixes that can be used by small bakeries, in-store grocery bakeries, and even wholesale operations. No matter the size of your shop, BakeMark can help you with mixes that will give you amazing results while also producing a high-quality, consistent product, time after time.

Purchasing a donut is one way that consumers “treat themselves.” Anne Marie Halfmann, senior manager, channel marketing at Dawn Foods Global, suggests that bakeries lean into this message to encourage their customers to find small ways to celebrate with donuts. Bakeries can use “treat yourself” messaging on many platforms, including window displays, Instagram posts and even packaging.

“For example, at Dawn, we offer boxes, bags and coffee cups to our customers that say, “You deserve a donut!” she explains.

Gourmet donuts are continuing to grow in popularity, as consumers make time for small indulgences and look for unique flavor combinations, explains Halfmann. From chocolate peanut butter overload to smores and even a blueberry pancake donut, consumers are craving rich and sweet treats.

“At the same time, it can be difficult for artisanal bakers to generate so many new items at once. To bring new seasonal or limited-time items to bakeries more efficiently, bakers can use yeast-raised donut mixes, which require adding only oil or water,” she explains. “With one mix, bakers can use different fillings and toppings to fill an entire donut case, creating donuts such as pistachio cream, lemon blueberry and Boston cream. Flavored cake donut mixes – such as blueberry and red velvet – also make it easy to add variety without having to come up with a recipe.”

In late spring and summer, Dawn Foods sees the emergence of berry flavors and bright bold flavors. Strawberry, peach, lemon and blueberry all rise to the top of the list during this time.