For flavorful yeast donuts and cake donuts, or both, customers praise BakeMark for offering many options to suit their needs.

“They have the right flavors for us, and they supply us with everything we need,” explains Porfirio Castillo of Supermercado LomaBonita Panaderia in Crystal, Minnesota.

BakeMark’s donut mixes contain high quality ingredients to enhance the flavor of your final product. Utilizing the highest quality milk and egg products, BakeMark donut mixes are formulated to bring the best flavor and texture to your donuts.

“We know that our donut mixes will give you an edge over the competition. Our product is less susceptible to over proofing or over mixing, providing you with the correct consistency, bite after bite,” BakeMark explains.

With consistent proofing, donuts offer outstanding flavor and visual appeal. 

The variety of mixes includes a variety of customer favorites such as Master Mix, a yeast raised donut mix, and Sup-R-Roll a rich yeast raised donut mix that is easy to roll out.

Formulated for its ease of rolling out, Sup-R-Roll gives bakeries a high volume, tender eating donut. No matter the size of your shop, BakeMark helps bakeries with mixes that will give you amazing results while also producing a high-quality, consistent product, time after time.

Mixes from BakeMark will not only drive quality and consistency in your business but with 25 locations across the United States and Canada, BakeMark can assist and assess the needs of your specific business.

Successful Solutions

Here are important technical questions and answers from BakeMark:

Which side of raised rounds should be glazed? 

You will actually glaze the bottom side of the product that’s sitting on the raised screen as you drop it into the fryer.  Remember, it is very important to turn your raised product only once after you put it into the shortening.  Use these same procedures when handling iced and sugar rounds. 

Sometimes, old-fashioned bars don’t split as well as they should. Is this caused by improper mixing?   

No. Mixing really doesn’t affect the split of old-fashioned product. Most of the time, incorrect submersion is to blame.  If you don’t float them off the screen during the first minute of frying, they won’t split nicely for you.

What is a good way to keep my donut tree clean during the day?       

It’s always a good practice to keep the drip pan two rungs below the last screen of donuts on the tree. This keeps the drops of glaze and icing in a limited area and your tree a lot cleaner. 

Why do my donuts turn white or cloudy after glazing?                     

White or cloudy glaze often results from glazing your raised product when it is too cold.  Raised product should be nice and warm to give a shiny, glossy glazed surface.  Remember, too, to mix your glaze with a paddle, not the whip.