Ever since its unveiling at 2018 Pizza Expo, New York WaterMaker has wowed the market. The world’s first water source replication/customization system is able to bring the same exact water that makes the finest pizza, bagels, baked goods, and more in New York to the rest of the world.

In the past year, New York WaterMaker has installed systems in pizza restaurants, bagel shops, and bakeries across 21 cities in the U.S., and is now in the artisan coffee market. The water source replication/customization system has even made its way to the supermarket industry.

New York WaterMaker has announced the installation of one of its systems in Whole Foods Market’s new state-of-the-art test kitchen in Rockville, Maryland. The massively successful natural and organic food retailer is looking to be the gold standard for baked goods and more.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled that Whole Foods Market, a company who puts such a high priority on innovation and quality, sees the value in New York WaterMaker,” says Paul Errigo, President and CEO of New York WaterMaker. “The NYWM system filters and disinfects water to a 0% microbial count and is 100% chemical free, which we know is important to them. We are honored to help Whole Foods Market deliver superior products consistently in all their locations and look forward to working with their team.”

With the WaterMaker installed, Whole Foods can begin the process of experimentation. “We’re looking forward to continuing innovation and experimentation to make the best baked goods possible and testing the system,” says Kristen Robinson, Whole Foods Market culinary senior team leader, Mid-Atlantic region.