Since being introduced into the market, New York WaterMaker has continued to disrupt the bagel, bakery and pizza industries with its innovative water source replication system. Businesses now have the perfect recipe to replicate the world-renowned New York dough.

New York WaterMaker’s system can replicate the specific type of water used in any key geographic location so any restaurant, bagel shop, pizzeria and bakery, regardless of where they are located, can mimic the water they want when making their fresh goods. The company is also expanding its focus beyond pizzeria’s, bagel shops and bakeries to other food and beverage manufacturers nationwide, like coffee shops, cafes and other beverages.

“Water makes up approximately 60-70 percent of bagel and pizza dough, making water a key ingredient of most of these recipes. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not think about the quality of the water they use when it comes to taste,” says Paul Errigo, chief executive officer of New York WaterMaker.

Minerals dissolved in water (mostly magnesium and calcium) can help proteins in the flour bond together more tightly, forming a stronger gluten structure, the network of interconnected proteins that give dough its strength and elasticity.  The higher the mineral content of water (measured in parts per million or ppm), the stronger and chewier the dough.

“We installed a New York WaterMaker in our state-of-the-art dough room at the North American Pizza & Culinary Academy because we know how important water is as an ingredient in dough and pizza,” says Master Istruttore, PFC Leo Spizzirri.  “We teach our students that in order to make great pizza, they have to use all of the finest ingredients like tomatoes, cheese, flour, yeast and water, which is one of the main ingredients in any pizza recipe.  You need great dough to make great pizza, and you need ideal water to make great dough.  The importance of water as an ingredient cannot be understated, and New York WaterMaker delivers perfect water for pizza dough every time, and in every location.”