As foodservice establishments begin to recover post-pandemic, many new and returning staff will need help in getting up and running. With that in mind, online culinary school Rouxbe has released a new course, Kitchen QuickStart, that focuses on kitchen fundamentals to support and complement restaurants’ immediate culinary training needs, as well as providing aspiring cooks a jump start to employment in the food industry.

The course includes 10 hours of instruction, with 14 key lessons ranging from using a chef’s knife and roasting vegetables to vinaigrette basics and poultry fundamentals. There are over 50 instructional videos, with knowledge check quizzes after each section. The cost of the course is currently $49.99 per seat for a limited time for up to 10 seats, with additional seats available through the Rouxbe sales team. After the initial period, the costs will be $69.99.

“As a sense of normalcy hovers on the horizon, restaurant owners are looking forward to getting staff back to work and customers back in the dining room,” says Scott Samuel, vice president of culinary at Rouxbe. “QuickStart is an affordable, streamlined option to ensure staff has essential knowledge, including cooking methods, ingredients and kitchen terminology, that will help them hit the ground running. We hope by offering this course, restaurants owners and managers will have one less thing to worry about as they continue to navigate these uncertain times.”

The new course allows kitchen managers (or ranking chefs in charge) to monitor the progress of their staff enrolled in the program. Rouxbe will provide recommendations for how to evaluate key competency areas, to ensure every employee is up to the tasks at hand.