AIB International has introduced a new comprehensive and interactive digital course focused on helping mid-level managers and supervisors in the food supply chain more effectively manage their food safety systems. The new program was designed by instructional experts and based on neuroscience principles for adult learning.

“The food industry can ill afford to disregard food safety training and continuous development of the first line of defense, which are the people running the lines and those charged with sanitation,” says Steve Robert, global vice president of sales, marketing and product innovation at AIB International. “Ongoing education has never been so critical, so we decided to support our customers by providing a modular, easy-to-follow online training. This course covers crucial elements that will assist managers in addressing regulations, reinforcing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), proactively identifying and resolving microbiological or allergen management concerns, as well as providing sound responses to customer needs.”

The Food Safety and Sanitation online training includes 24 modules covering a wide variety of topics, from personnel practices, sanitation, and allergens to quality control, customer complaints, food defense, and self-inspection and internal audits. According to AIB International, the modules were designed to meet the different needs of the food supply chain. For example, US manufacturers and those exporting to the United States may select modules to gain a greater understanding of Food and Drug Administration regulations, industry best practices, and food safety principles, while those interested in other international markets can choose the non-FDA related modules to expand their knowledge of sanitation and food safety.

No limit is placed on the number of modules an individual can complete.

Details related to this training as well as the list of all the available modules may be foundhere.