The love for spicy foods is apparent in countless foods and beverages across the country, and Dunkin’ is looking to prove that donuts can feature a spicy side too.

The brand’s new Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut delivers the heat with every bite. A classic yeast donut ring is topped with a strawberry flavored icing that features a bold blend of cayenne and ghost pepper, and is finished with red sanding sugar for a sizzling look.

Dunkin’s daring new donut is available beginning Wednesday, October 14 for a limited time at participating locations nationwide until December.

Dunkin’ is also treating fans this month with Halloween DIY Dunkin’ Donut Decorating Kits. Each kit features plain yeast or Old-Fashioned cake donuts, with pre-packaged icing in orange, white and black varieties, and three sprinkle blends. The Halloween DIY Dunkin’ Donut Decorating Kits are available for purchase in two sizes, small (4-count donuts) and large (9-count donuts).

The creepy-crawly Spider Donut is back on Dunkin’ menus. It features a classic ring donut with orange icing, topped with a glazed chocolate MUNCHKINS donut hole treat, chocolate drizzle for the spider legs and white icing for the eyes to create the sweet eight-legged donut creature.

“Halloween looks a little different this year, and so do our donuts. While our classic bakery offering has plenty of crave-worthy treats, we’re excited to show our spicy side with a donut that packs a touch of heat with something sweet and can be enjoyed any time of day,” says Jill Nelson, vice president of marketing strategy at Dunkin’. “With our scary-good lineup of the Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut, Halloween DIY Dunkin’ Donut Decorating Kits and fan-favorite Spider Donut, Dunkin’ is here to help our guests keep their Halloween spirit alive this season.”