Claire Saffitz is a professional pastry chef who has become a recognizable YouTube personality for taking popular snack foods to the next level. Her video series for Bon Appétit magazine, titled “Gourmet Makes,” features Saffitz attempting to recreate favorite junk and comfort foods such as Twinkies in the Bon Appétit test kitchen.

These videos have garnered millions of views each and have earned praise from major media outlets. Among the other treats Saffitz has tackled include Skittles, Hot Pockets, Snickers, and Pop Tarts.

In the Pop Tart video above, the pastry chef adds an extra element to the challenge by making it toaster-friendly. This inventiveness has made Saffitz a big name in the culinary world. She’s even working on her first cookbook, which is expected to be released in the fall of 2020.

The “Gourmet Makes” series highlights the creative process, which is why it has become such a sensation. Her attempts at each snack food, with each one’s trials and successes, reveals how a final product in any creative endeavor can be such a tremendous source of satisfaction.

“‘Gourmet Makes’ has absolutely made me, a natural perfectionist, much more comfortable with failure. I think I grew up as a high-achieving person in a family where that was important and I looked at failure very, very negatively,” Saffitz told The Huffington Post. “I have absolutely learned that you learn so much more from the failures than the successes.”

The series shows these struggles on camera, allowing viewers to see that failure is alright and can be a learning opportunity. In the baking world, that is especially as important as you work with different recipes and try to create your own unique products.