The Retail Bakers of America (RBA) is dedicated to helping bakeries flourish and is committed to the success of the baking industry. With that in mind, the RBA is now offering a special kit to retail bakeries to safely open, complete with guidelines, templates and communication ideas.

This checklist provides general guidelines for reopening a bakery and does not supersede any laws under which your bakery operates. The RBA advises that retail bakeries should always follow the health and sanitation regulations established by local, state or national governments. All RBA guidelines, templates and resources should be reviewed by your legal counsel prior to use and distribution to ensure they are in compliance with the laws of your respective governing body.

The Bakery Reopen Kit includes guidelines on laws and regulations, staff policies and safety training, menu offerings, ordering and payment, purchasing and supplies, sanitation of different areas of the facility, internal and external communication and marketing templates.

The checklist is meant to be customizable with applicable components being used as deemed appropriate by each individual bakery location.

For more information, take a look at RBA's Bakery Reopen Kit.