R.J.'s Heavenly Delights in Jackson, Michigan is helping to add to the excitement of college football season with a new milkshake that is being offered at University of Michigan football games.

Sodexo, the University of Michigan football team’s hospitality partner, have unveiled new food and beverage items for fans to enjoy at Michigan Stadium this fall. One of those is the “M Block Crazy Milkshake” from R.J.’s.

The crazy milkshake is loaded with sweet accessories, including an ice cream cookie sandwich, a Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookie, a block M sugar cookie, a chocolate wafer, and glazed donut holes from Hinkley bakery in Jackson, Michigan.

Sodexo has partnered with several Michigan companies for this season, including Ben’s Soft Pretzels, Detroit Dough, Kona Ice, and Which Wich.

“We are extremely excited about not only the upcoming football games but all of the new items available for Wolverine fans. We continue to emphasize locally sourced products and partners combined in unique ways to offer fans a wide variety of options,” says Jon Collier, Sodexo General Manager. “Today’s fans have high expectations for their gameday food and our team is prepared to deliver an exceptional experience each and every day this season.”