1. Assemble and ice the cake.

2. Apply the striped pattern from Nautical Variety Designer Prints™ decorations around the sides of the cake.

3. Mix two batches of icing: red using DecoPac Super Red Premium Gel, and navy blue using a 3:1 ratio of Royal Blue to Violet.

4. Use white icing in a #2B large basketweave tip to pipe a bottom border.

5. Use navy icing in a #3 round tip to pipe the compass rose. TIP: start by piping a large “plus” sign, then piping an equally-sized “x” through the “plus” sign. Finish by piping the star outline evenly around the points.

6. Use red icing in a #5 round tip to pipe the directional letters of the compass points, as shown.

7. Use white icing in a #104 petal tip to pipe scallops around the edge of the top of the cake, between the compass point letters.

8. Use red icing in a #3 round tip to over-pipe the white top scalloped borders, as well as to pipe a small scalloped swag under the edge of the Designer Prints™ strips.

9. Finish by placing a captain’s wheel from Nautical Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations to the center of the compass rose.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks