1. Begin by preparing your Nautical Variety Designer Prints™. Lay one page of the red zigzag pattern down in front of you horizontally. (Tip: when trimming Designer Prints™, leave them attached to their paper backing.) Use a razor knife to cut away the row of red teeth off of the top strip and the bottom row of red teeth off of the bottom strip (when doing this, just cut in a straight line through the white zigzag). Next, trim off all of the small white borders.
2. Prepare another page of strips exactly the same way.
3. Take the third page and cut it completely in half. You will end up with three half strips. Then follow the same steps above.
4. Ice the 8” cake with white buttercream icing.
5. Wrap one of the long strips of Designer Prints™ around the side of your cake making sure the top points of the zigzag line up with the top edge. Wrap another strip below that layer making sure that the pattern matches up evenly on all ends. Wrap a third strip below that layer to complete your pattern. Turn your cake around a little to the right and apply three more strips in the same way. Finally, apply the shorter strips to make a complete pattern which runs around the whole circumference of the cake.
6. Ice your 6” tier and place it on top of the 8” tier.
7. Use tip #789 and white buttercream icing to pipe bottom borders around both tiers as shown.
8. To make the flower, start by rolling white fondant ¼” thick. Moisten your fondant and apply a strip of the blue design, from the Nautical Variety Designer Prints™. Cut out a 1” wide strip lengthwise through the pattern. Pleat the strip in a circular pattern, as shown, to form a flower. Moisten the fondant in a few places as you form it so that it adheres to itself.
9. To make the center of the flower, roll a ball of navy blue fondant. Press the ball into the moistened center of the flower, flattening it just a little bit.
10. Attach the flower to the side of the 6” tier as shown with some of the buttercream icing. (Tip: For added stability, place a 3” firm straw or dowel into the back of the flower and then press it into the top edge of the cake.)
11. Finish by placing Mickey Mouse Icon Candles on the top of the cake as shown.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks