Image courtesy of Zucker's Bagels
On Friday, February 9, Zucker’s Bagels in New York City will celebrate National Bagel Day by attempting a Guinness World Record for the largest bagels and lox sandwich ever.

Working with Brooklyn-based Acme Smoked Fish Corp., the bakery and the smoked fish company will create the sandwich in front of an eager crowd. The on-lookers will not only be witnesses to the potential-world record, but will also weight and eat the sandwich.

“We are hard at work making a classic New York bagel at a giant size — which we’ll pile high with pounds and pounds of our favorite Nova Scotia smoked salmon from Acme, plus all of our favorite toppings from the Zucker’s Traditional sandwich: cream cheese, tomatoes, red onions and capers,” Zucker’s founder Matt Pomerantz tells The Forward. “This all may require a large saw or a paddle spreader, and lots of encouragement from the crowd, but we will get it done!”

The companies will carefully follow the guidelines set by Guinness, and then will enjoy the fruits of their labor with the crowd gathered at Acme’s Brooklyn facility. Coffee will be provided to those in attendance by Brooklyn Roasting Company.